Chalalan Ecolodge
Chalalan Ecolodge


WELCOME to Chalalan Ecolodge, located in the heart of the Madidi national park.

CHALALAN is the result of a dream come true; a dream that was born in the Bolivian Amazon, in our community, San José de Uchupiamonas.
We have lived surrounded by magic and beauty in the MADIDI National Park jungle for over 300 years. This jungle sustains us and our families.
Now, we invite you to become part of this incredible story at our Ecolodge, built on the shores of the magnificent Chalalan Lagoon ready to welcome you, our guests.
We designed the Ecolodge to blend in with its environment by using traditional building techniques and environmentally-friendly local materials. We paid very close attention to the construction of our Ecolodge to ensure your adventure with us would be as comfortable as possible, and that it would be a place for you to relax and enjoy the warm breeze, the sounds of nature and our delicious home cooking.
At CHALALAN the jungle is your host and we are your guides. Be prepared to leave city life behind in Rurrenabaque and have a wonderful experience with us in another world. Our comfortable boats will take you up the Beni and Tuichi rivers, deep into an enchanted environment.
We will lead you along a maze of paths that surround the Ecolodge where you will discover the MADIDI National Park.
The lodge is found in one of the richest and most protected areas of the planet, known by scientists as a "Biodiversity Hotspot". It is a prioritized conservation zone that is constantly under threat from development. This tropical Andean hotspot has the highest biodiversity of endemic plants on the planet and is host to some 45,000 different plant species and over 1,000 tropical bird species, whose songs will wake you up in the morning.
We appreciate the value of the beauty that surrounds us and recognize that it must be protected. For many years we searched for economic alternatives that would prevent our young people from migrating in search of a better life, and to protect our jungle from destructive activities.
Your visit is a chance for you to ensure the future of the MADIDI National Park for generations to come and for us, the people of San Jose; de Uchupiamonas, to continue the story of our commitment to nature that the CHALALAN ECOLODGE symbolises.

Our Mission

Our indigenous community is committed to a comprehensive development of Ecotourism in the Madidi National Park.  We aim to be the example of sustainable use of natural resources (flora and fauna) in the Chalalán region by: offering highly competitive Ecotourism services that improve the living conditions of the people of San José de Uchupiamonas; and by generating direct and indirect benefits that will guarantee the sustainability of the region and the Quechua-Tacana culture for the wellbeing of future generations.

Our Vision

In ten years’ time we aim to be a highly competitive and self-sustainable community business that is strong and consolidated institutionally, and recognized locally, nationally and internationally for its valuable contribution to the development of Ecotourism. We aim to be able to offer a comprehensive development model to many indigenous communities around the country; by giving priority to cultural and natural values and using this focus as a basis from which to fight poverty and social inequality in Bolivia.

Our Logo

For the population of San José de Uchupiamonas, our logo is a combination of symbols that collectively represent our daily life. The river is the sole means by which we communicate with other peoples and the oar it what enables us to negotiate the meandering River Tuíchi to find food. At the widest point of the oar the sun is found, which symbolizes the seasons and our agricultural activities. Inside the sun is the Chalalán Lagoon and in that a small white space which represents the moon. For us the moon represents the light of hope for a new life.




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La Paz, Sagarnaga Street Nº 189, Shopping Dorian
2nd floor Of. 23
Telf/Fax : (591) 2 – 2311451
Movil (591) 795-01972



Rurrenabaque, Comercio Street,
half block from the main square.
Telf.: (591) 3-892-2419, Fax.: (591) 3-892 – 2309
Movil.: (591) 728-12508

Chalalan Ecolodge


What our guests

Jungle paradise- one of the highlights of South America? Chalalan Ecolodge We spent 3 nights at Chalalan and have recommended it to everyone we have met since! We are budget travellers but decided to splash out on a stay here and did not regret it for a second. The location is idyllic- 5 hours by boat away from civilisation and right in the middle of stunning rainforest. The lake at the lodge is an added bonus- bathwater temperature and the most beautiful of locations. The sunset trip across the lake by canoe was a highlight of the stay- by far the best way to see the wildlife as it is completely untroubled by the silent canoe drifiting past. Our guide was amazing- he could spot things with the naked eye that we couldn't see even when we knew where it was and would get the spotter scope trained on the animal so we could see it just as clearly! Small groups also meant we all had a chance to see. Service was great- cool drinks whenever we came back from a walk, fabulous food (I'm ve

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