Theme Trails

At Chalalán Ecological Lodge, we have a maze of theme trails spread over more than 30km, which have been carefully designed for the natural interpretation of the forest, ecological processes, natural history, medicinal plants, construction plants, bird watching , Mammals, amphibians, insects and a variety of plant fungi characteristic of the humid tropical forest.

In Chalalán our visitors have the possibility of scheduling with the local indigenous guide, the activities according to their interest. Each group is made up of a maximum of 6 people.

Native Guides

In Chalalán you will have the services of bilingual Indigenous Guides, all of the community of San José de Uchupiamonas, who have been professionally trained in environmental education, natural interpretation of the forest, ecological processes and natural history, maintaining ancestral knowledge about medicinal plants And construction, animal behavior, myths and beliefs about plants and animals.

The indigenous guides interpret the forest from their traditional knowledge and incorporate scientific knowledge. We have guides specialists in plants, birds and insects, who have enough experience of work in the eco hostel Chalalán.

Guided walks

A bilingual indigenous guide, expert in ecosystem interpretation, will guide you through a maze of theme trails in the Chalalán area. Each trail has been designed with a special theme, where you can learn about medicinal plants and construction, wildlife observation, ecological processes and natural interpretation of the primary forest.

Interpretation of the Forest

The area of Chalalán is ideal for the natural interpretation of the humid tropical forest. During your stay in Chalalán you will be able to tour the different thematic paths accompanied by an indigenous guide, who will make the natural interpretation of the forest from its ancestral knowledge and incorporating scientific knowledge.

Bird Watching

Chalalán is the ideal place for birdwatching, more than 340 species have been recorded in the area, including macaws, parakeets, parrots, toucans, sereres, trogares, trogons, partridges, herons, turkeys, oropendolas , Woodpeckers, etc. Their songs and trills can be easily identified by our indigenous guides.


Wildlife Observation

During your tour of the thematic trails, especially in those more distant, you will be able to observe capuchin monkeys, howlers, chichilos and sometimes the spider monkey, with the possibility of observing mammals such as tapir, jaguar, wild pigs, deer, capybara and others Species of amphibians and reptiles: among them stand out colorful frogs, snakes, lizards, caimans, etc.

Day Trip in Canoa

At dusk the species of birds and monkeys that inhabit near Chalalán begin to approach the shores of the lagoon as if attracted to them and then begin with the search for insects on the crowns of palm trees and trees. After this activity, they are prepared in groups to spend the night in the branches of the trees and more giant palm trees.

Night Stroll in Canoa

The nocturnal canoe trips along the banks of the Chalalán lagoon are suitable for watching nocturnal birds, amphibians and the impressive glow of the eyes of black caimans (yacares) which proves to be an unforgettable experience for ecotourists.

Night Walks

Feel the nightlife and wild life of the Madidi, equipped with a lantern we started a short walk in search of colorful frogs, mammals, insects and other species that begin their fullness of activity, producing a singular and enigmatic noise in the darkness of the jungle.


Traditional Uchupiamona Night

On the last night of your stay in Chalalán, you will taste a traditional dinner "dunucuavi" and then enjoy music, dances and tales of the Quechua-Tacana culture. In this activity the indigenous guide will explain about the traditions and customs of the community of San José de Uchupiamonas.

Handmade Evening

After the walks along the trails, we dedicate some time to small local handicrafts, where you can make your own handicrafts (rings or necklaces) with the help of your native guide.

Swimming and Relaxation

After lunch, during the rest period it is advisable to swim in the lagoon or just relax on the hammocks reading or listening to the wonderful symphony of the forest.

Insect Watching

The Madidi is an ideal area for the observation of a great variety of insects, which at the same time constitute the daily sustenance for many species of birds that live in the area of Chalalán.

Fungus Observation

The wet tropical rainforest of the Madidi is ideal for observing varieties of edible and poisonous fungi of various shapes, sizes and colors.


We spent 3 nights at Chalalan and have recommended it to everyone we have met since! We are budget travellers but decided to splash out on a stay here and did not regret it for a second. The location is idyllic - 5 hours by boat away from civilisation and right in the middle of stunning rainforest. The lake at the lodge is an added bonus - bathwater temperature and the most beautiful of locations. The sunset trip across the lake by canoe was a highlight of the stay - by far the best way to see the wildlife as it is completely untroubled by the silent canoe drifiting past.