About Chalalán



The ecolodge is located in a natural sanctuary beautifully preserved thanks to the traditional philosophy of respecting the nature, prohibiting hunting and commercial deforestation. During your stay you’ll be accompanied with persons that share your love for adventure, nature and cultural diversity.


We are an indigenous community committed to the integral development of Ecotourism in the Madidi National Park. We direct our efforts to the sustainable use of natural resources (flora and fauna) in the Chalalan area. Through the provision of highly competitive ecotourism services, we generate direct and indirect benefits to the indigenous families of San José de Uchupiamonas, guaranteeing the sustainability of the territory and the Quechua - Tacana culture for future generations.


In ten years, we will be the highly competitive and self-sustainable community enterprise, consolidated and strengthened institutionally. Which will have achieved recognition and prestige in the ecotourism field at the local, national, and international level, for its valuable contribution to the positioning of ecotourism. It would be the Comprehensive development model for many indigenous and native communities in the country, privileging heritage, cultural and natural values, as a basis to fight against poverty and social inequality in the country.


Chalalán is located approximately 100 km west of Rurrenabaque, the boat ride to the ecolodge is also part of the experience. You will embark on a fascinating 5 hour trip through the Beni and Tuichi Rivers, a crossing topped with paradisaical landscapes and sites full of wildlife and a predominant green vastness.


What is it that really fills your need for adventure? If you seek to reconnect with nature and find yourself on a peaceful environment, we have the answer for you.

Rain Forest Walks

We have a 50 kilometers trail system that explores many rainforest habitats, where wild life siting is eassy.

Padelling in the Lake Chalalan

Enjoy canoe rides at lake Chalalan and learn about lots of wildlife that are resist in this beautiful lake surrounded by pristine rain forest.


We have several viewpoints from where you can observe unique scenery with views of mountain ranges of Madidi National Park, views of Lake Chalalan and tree canopies.


Our local chefs will delight you with delicious meals made with the finest ingredients. Brace you palate to taste unique dishes soaked with our traditional flavors accompanied by refreshing natural fruit juices.

We had a wonderful and memorable time at Chalalan. If you like walking, seeing wildlife in their natural habitat, learning about the forest and a bit of adventure this is for you. As others have said the boat trip to the lodge was as much fun as our time there. Our guide Andreas had such skill in seeing and hearing the widlife and knew the names of all the flora and fauna we asked about (in English but he also seemed to know the Spanish, scientific and local names). Andreas met with us at the airport and was with us throughout. He is from San Jose village who run the eco lodge and we had interesting conversations about life in the jungle, how the lodge came out, Bolivian politics etc. The food was delicious home cooked meals that, alongside the regular fresh and cold juices were restorative. We tried not to set expectations for what wildlife we might see but we're very lucky including jaguar, 5 types of monkey, snakes, spiders and many wonderful and tuneful birds. I filled a page in my notebook with everything we saw. We came out rather smelly and bitten but very happy. Thank you
minimcv, United Kingdom
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