Program of Social and Environmental Responsibility

Chalalán and San José de Uchupiamonas are part of a conservation agreement for the effective protection of 10,000 hectares around the shelter and has preserved the biodiversity of the site for 17 years, the lodge is committed to the use of clean energy in its facilities and Performs both the treatment of its waste water and its solid waste under the supervision of the management of the protected area. It also offers employment for the indigenous Uchupiamonas and distributes profits at the end of the year, contributes in areas such as health, education and sports with the community and supports environmental causes in defense of nature and contribute to the payment of tourist income to The address of the protected area.

Thinking about the future

We are currently initiating a process of forest enrichment by planting trees of high ecological value heavily under pressure in the region such as mara or mahogany with the participation of visitors who wish to join this voluntary activity, so that their visit has a significant social impact And environmental.

What can you do ?

Prefer travel and services that demonstrate a high social, cultural and environmental responsibility. Remember that low prices mean low wages for workers and obviously a poor quality of service. Do not buy products made from threatened species, hardwoods, skins, bones, feathers or ancient artifacts. Do not treat people as part of the landscape, if you want to take a picture of the local people, ask first and respect their wishes. Make reasonable use of water - it is very valuable in many countries and tourists tend to use much more than the local population. Think about what happens to your garbage. Use biodegradable products and drink water from a bottle with a filter. Be sensitive to the scarcity of resources such as water, fuel and electricity.